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Learning a language online has now never been so easy with our online classes. From the comfort of your own home, you can learn from native Spanish speakers.

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Our cultural immersion tours will take you to some of the best parts of Argentina and the roads less travelled.

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Spanish and Beyond is a family run business, which was developed when the founder relocated from Sydney, Australia to Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, Argentina.


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Top Teachers

Ana Fuchs

Ana is one of our most highly sought after teachers. Ana feels as though she is a citizen of the world after spending numerous years living overseas.   Ana’s mother tongue is Spanish and she also speaks fluent English. With a passion for language she has also learnt French,  Italian, German, Portuguese, Arabic and Mandarin.

Luli Contreras

Luli family are originally from Santa Rosa, but she was born in South Africa where she learnt to speak English. After 10 years in South Africa the family returned to Argentina where they have stayed and love.

Romina Galanti

Romina has a degree in Communications (Universidad de Santa Rosa de Calamuchita) and, teaches Communication Studies in the local high schools of Santa Rosa de Calamuchita. Romina is passionate about building relationships with people of different cultures and strongly believes that language is a fundamental tool to establishing social bonds.




Travelling to Argentina with Spanish and beyond was a wonderful and unique experience.  I loved travelling in a small group of mature people. The tour was extremely well organised and I would highly recommend it.


I have my Spanish lesson via Skype with Spanish and beyond and I absolutely love it!  It suits me perfectly to take my Spanish class from home after I have dropped the kids off at school.  I dream of travelling to South America, but for now I really enjoy my weekly Spanish Immersion experience over a cup of coffee.


I so enjoy my online Spanish lessons. My weekly contact with Ana, my teacher, is supported by daily phrases on WhatsApp. Spanish and beyond is a professional, flexible program that embraces South American culture as part of the language learning experience. It’s also a lot of fun!